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What is Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy?

Advanced remedial massage differs greatly from a relaxation massage – both can make you feel better in different ways but this is essentially a therapeutic massage. In order to identify any underlying musculoskeletal issues that are causing pain or discomfort, an in-depth consultation is carried out. The combination of these approaches allows the treatments to be far more efficient and effective.

What does it involve?

Advanced remedial massage

Advanced remedial massage utilises advanced therapeutic massage techniques that go beyond the traditional massage strokes associated with Swedish Massage.

It usually begins with using techniques like soft tissue mobilising – deep tissue massage, stretching, MET (muscle energy techniques), NMT (neuro-muscular therapy), and positional release to relax muscles around the affected area. This is followed by bone mobilising, aiming to restore normal function and range of movement.  

Treatment should be accompanied by a rehabilitation program, to include stretching /strengthening exercises to maintain the initial improvement gained and also to prevent recurrence of the problem.


What type of conditions can this help?

The purpose of the treatment is to quickly and effectively remove painful conditions, increase range of movement, improve contractile or non-contractile tissue, and return the patient to full activity.

These modalities are mainly used for neck or back pain treatments or treating frozen shoulders, tennis/golfer elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, migraines, TMJ problems (temporal mandibular joint), pelvis imbalances, hip, knee and ankle pain.


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