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Flexibility and proper stretching play a crucial role in enhancing performance and rehabilitation as well as an important role in overall wellness. Flexibility is specific to each joint. Work or exercise requiring repeated overuse of the same muscles day in day out confines joints within a restricted range of motion and tends to reduce flexibility. Active Isolated Stretching is an effective technique that can easily be learned.

Benefits of Activated Isolated Stretching

  • In athletic performance flexibility is a prime determinant among top athletes. Optimal flexibility requires less energy expenditure in movement allowing for an increase in stamina, performance, agility and strength.
  • Improves preparation for athletic activity. Stretches increase blood circulation to muscles, helping to regulate body temperature and reduce muscle tension.
  • As we age our muscles become increasingly inelastic. Active Isolated Stretching improves muscle elasticity, adding renewed life and spring to tired out muscles. 
  • AIS helps to restore mobility, function and posture. Chronic abnormal posture (e.g. caused by poor workstation posture) leads to tightness in muscles eventually causing pain and discomfort.
  • AIS decreases tissue soreness and fatigue.
  • Facilitates removal of metabolic waste products.
  • Reduces risk of injuries.
  • Assists in rehabilitation from muscle/tendon injuries.
  • Improves flow of lymphatic fluid which allows the body to dispose more effectively of toxins and waste products.

Development of flexibility takes time. Set realistic goals for yourself. AIS epitomises efficient stretching with maximum results.

Other than stretching, relaxation is the most important factor in developing flexibility. Fatigue results in tension, inflexibility, limited oxygen and nutrition supplies to the tissues.

Stretching is a daily requirement for the body. Muscles shorten, stiffen or become tense from work, training, poor posture or stress. Tissues can be revitalised by proper nutrition, rest and exercise.


How it works:

  1. Muscles are stretched individually and progressively to ensure optimal results.
  2. Stretches are practiced gently for maximum safety and each stretch is of 1½ to 2 seconds duration. The client performs the movement with guidance and the therapist continues the motion, providing less than one pound of assistance.
  3. Each stretch is released before the muscle reacts to being stretched by going into its protective contraction-stretch reflex.
  4. Each stretch is repeated up to ten times.
  5. Appropriate stretches are demonstrated, client then repeats at home to maintain and improve flexibility and range of motion.
Active Isolated Stretching


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