Reflexology is a popular and ancient form of bodywork that flows from Egyptian, Chinese, Red Indian and African origins and works with the incredible system of nerves and energy meridians rooted in our feet, hands and ears. Evidence of its use has been found in ancient text on artefacts and on illustrations found in the pyramids and tombs, the earliest evidence found to date being Egyptian tomb drawings dated to 2330BC. Ancient practitioners of foot massage came across tender spots on the feet and noticed specific health conditions improved after treatment. That allowed them to map the foot sensitivities with corresponding body parts.  Reflexology is based on the zones and reflex areas that reflect the body on the feet. The body is divided into 10 vertical zones, 5 on each foot, and 3 horizontal transverse lines. Each organ and gland is represented by an area on the feet, which is a mirror image of the body.

Reflexology is a smart way to work with health concerns not ordinarily reachable through regular massage, such as problems in organs or internal systems. This also applies to areas of the body that are too damaged or painful to benefit from direct touch. Treatment involves applying pressure to this ’reflex point’ which will release tension in the feet and therefore force the body to release energy and restore balance. Reflexology treatment encourages opening of the airways thus improving respiration and circulation which is important for carrying out vital functions of the body. It balances the systems of the body, allowing them to work at their optimum levels.

Reflexology is a completely safe treatment and compatible with other forms of medicine. For maximum benefit a course of treatments specific to the patient’s condition is recommended.


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